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Muddy Paws Pet Care, Cat Visits, Photo by Kim Weisman

The Cheshire Cats


8 years ago I adopted two British Shorthair cats (the breed was the inspiration for Lewis Carroll's, Alice in Wonderland, Cheshire Cat) - Jack (pictured here) & his brother Charley. I am now in the lucky position of equal endearment for both cats & dogs.


I understand the joy of being around constant inquisitiveness, the lovely melody of a purr, that lazer tag can be highly competitive & the importance of finding the perfect spot in the sun.


Cat care for your own kittens or cats will be caring, loving & warm - the same kind of relationship I have with the brothers Jack (who passed away in 2019) & Charley.


...and if we're involved in a rousing game or a nice belly rub, we can always extend the time a bit - no extra charge.


Available in the Pearl District

15 minutes quick purr-fect visit: $20. 

30 minutes of purr-fect fun: $25.

Available outside the Pearl District

30 minutes of purr-fect fun: $30.


  • Special care for up to three cats (additional cats add $5. total.)

  • Feeding.

  • Play-time.

  • Litter box scooped daily.  

  • When schedule allows, free key pickup / drop-off.

  • Absolutely no additional fees or up-charges for holidays.


Plus...Muddy Paws special complimentary extras:

  • Administer standard medicine and / or vitamins.

  • Text or email update at end of each day.

  • (Pre-paid) med or product pickup from Pearl Animal Hospital or Mud Bay.

  • Question on a health issue?  Let me help you research the best options. 

  • Useful & fun pet product recommendations. 

  • Emergency in the middle of the night? Don't hesitate to text me.

  • Exceptional, responsible care of your home or flat.

Please note...I provide daily or multi-daily visits, but for the safety of your cat(s), I do not provide every other day visits.

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