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Intro Visit

All intro visits with you & your pet are, of course, 100% complimentary.  


Depending upon your schedule, the visit will last a minimum of 30 minutes.


I've spent up to two hours with new clients, so if we need more time, we'll just add some more time! The most important aspect of the visit is to spend time with you & your pet.  We'll talk about your pet's personality, any special needs & what kind of services you're seeking.  


If you think we'd be a good fit, we can discuss the details of your pet's care (sample questions below), or you can email me the information before the first visit.   



What brand do you use? Where was it purchased? 


How much do they receive? 


If it's a dry food, do you serve it dry, mixed with wet food, or with added water? 


Is there a specific time of day they should be fed?  For dogs, before or after walks? 


Is there a specific place in the house where they like to eat? 


If there are multiple dogs or cats, should they be feed in separate parts of the house or can they eat together?  Are either/both on a special diet? 

Will the dog eat the cat's food or vice versa? 


Is it all right to give treats?  If so, what is the brand? Where were they purchased? 


Do they have any food allergies? 


How much water do they normally consume in a day? 


Is it common, if they eat too quickly, that they throw up? 



What kind of walks does your dog enjoy?  


Are there any type of breeds that should be avoided? 


Are there any things / other animals that should be avoided (skateboards, horses, fire engines, etc.)? 


Are there any people that should be avoided (children, mail carriers, etc.)? 


Can they be off-leash in an enclosed dog park? 


Are there specific toys they like to play with on a walk and/or carry in their mouth? 


Is your dog withdrawn / fearful when around other dogs? 


Does your dog have leash aggression? 


If you have a puppy, where are they on their vaccinations? 

Pet Care 

I'll notify you immediately if I think there is a problem with your pet. For your pet's health & well-being, I carry a full medical kit to every visit.


What things frighten your pet? If your dog is afraid of thunderstorms, do you use a Thundershirt?  


What is the name/number of your vet?  


What is the name/number of your emergency vet hospital?  


Do you have a veterinary authorization form detailing the kind of care you'd like your pet to receive in case you can't be reached?  


Has your pet suffered from any serious illness?  Surgery? Are there any symptoms to watch for while you're at work/out of town? 


What, if any, medication and/ or supplements does your pet require? What is the brand, dosage, time to administer & where purchased? 


Does your pet have any medicine allergies? 


Although it's not crucial, do you have a pulse measurement over time? This can be important in determining if your pet is ill.


If your pet becomes ill, do you have a carrier, muzzle and/or first aid kit?   


​Does your pet have a similar stool (dry, watery, etc.) day-to-day? How soon after eating?  

Has your pet ever had any unusual stools: diarrhee, blood in the stool, egg-like (for cats)? 


How many hours a day does your pet sleep?  At night? 


Is your pet up to date on its vaccinations?  

Home stuff


Is there a part of the house that is off-limits to your pet?


Where, if any, are your pets hidding places?


What is your pet's favorite toy? Where are the toys located?


Are there certain kinds of games your pet enjoys?  


Location of any applicable food, bowls, leash, pet cleaning supplies, rain jackets, sweaters, sunscreen, carrier, first aid kit, etc.


Do you have two copies of your key?  If you live in an apartment building with office staff, a key can be kept on file with them - most offices require an email authorization to access key.  

If you need mail picked up, have you provided a key? 


Is there an alarm code? 


What are the numbers of your management company/landlord & maintenance staff? 


Is there anyone who else has a key to your home?  Will they be present in your home while you are away at work or out of town? 


Is there anyone who should not be in your home? 


Are any of your lights on a timer? 


Are there any small issues in the house that should be checked (a sink/toilet that overflows, sprinkler heads broken, etc.)? 


Where is the location of thermostat, fuse box & fire extinquisher? 

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